Ford:Dems love God more than Republicans

In a key race that could determine control of the Senate, Democrat Harold Ford Jr. appealed to Tennessee's traditional-values voters in a campaign speech, declaring his party has the upper hand when it comes to faith in God.

"Republicans fear the Lord, Democrats fear and love the Lord," the congressman told an audience in Paris, Tenn., Saturday.

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Ford, in a tight race with Republican Bob Corker, said he was quoting his friend and campaign chairman Lincoln Davis, who said there's "one big difference between us and misfortunate Republicans when it comes to our faith."

A recent survey of likely voters by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research showed 45 percent support Corker while 43 percent back Ford.

Corker responded to Ford's remarks in a Fox News interview, saying:

"Obviously this is not the kind of thing you'd expect somebody who is running for the United States Senate to say," Corker said. "It's very offensive, I think, to people of all walks of life, whether you're Republican, independent, or Democrat, to be claiming that one group of people love God more than another."

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