Study: G.O.P. Is Party Of Border Security

Congressional Scorecard�s Survey of 5,800 Immigration Votes
Reveals Republicans As Clear Party Of Border Security

A comprehensive study of voting records from the 109th Congress reveals that Republicans are the clear party of border security by more than a three-to-one margin over Democrats. The study --�s �2006 Congressional Immigration Scorecard� -- charted more than 5,800 votes in the House and Senate and gave Republicans an overall border security score of 78% as compared to a 23% rating for Democrats.

�It is very noteworthy that for every one Democrat vote supporting border security, there were more than three Republican votes to secure our borders and stop amnesty,� says President Steve Elliott. �As voters prepare to go to the polls, there is no doubt that Republicans are the party of border security and stopping illegal immigration.�

According to Grassfire�s Scorecard, House Republicans received the highest ranking (84%) while Senate Democrats came in lowest (22%). The Congressional Scorecard rated every member of Congress on the key border security/immigration votes in the House and Senate. Grassfire also ranked each state based on a composite score and found that Oklahoma received the highest rating.

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