Dems Slam Republican State Rep Serving in Iraq

If you�re still wondering why people think Democrats are weak on defense and lack respect for members of the military, here�s a story sure to make your blood boil.

Arizona Republican State Representative Jonathan Paton was deployed with his Army Reserve Intelligence Unit to Iraq a few weeks ago. And the local Democrat Party is using that AGAINST him, fretting that Paton might miss part of the 2007 legislative session because of his service to the nation.

�Paton has been absent for most of the campaign due to his recent voluntary Army Reserve service in Iraq and he has missed all candidate debates/forums for the General Election,� complained Pima County Democrat Party Chairwoman Donna Branch-Gilby in a press release on Friday.

�Southern Arizona needs a State Representative who can guarantee that he will show up for the job and represent his constituents,� chirped in some guy named Chalie Salaz in the release. �The voters of Arizona should not pay the price for an �absentee� legislator.�

Another guy named John Soltero added that it was �irresponsible� for Paton to volunteer to serve his country while running for office. �You didn�t see President Bush leaving to volunteer for active duty in Iraq when he was running to do the job of President.�

And we�re going to trust the nation�s defense to THESE people?

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