Poll: Character counts in election

The "values, morals and character" of a candidate top the pre-election selection process of participants in a UPI-Zogby International poll.

The 8,086 likely U.S. voters who participated in a Zogby interactive poll were asked to select two areas of consideration as they prepare for Tuesday's election in the United States.

The option "their values, morals and character" topped the results with 42.6 percent of those asked giving that response. That choice was first among Republican respondents -- 63.2 percent choose it -- and self-described independents, 39.2 percent of whom listed character. However, it was fifth on the list of Democrats, 24 percent of whom mentioned "values, morals and character."

The top consideration for Democrats was opposition to the war in Iraq; 42.3 percent of Democrats said that was important. But that issue came in fourth overall at 22.1 percent of all participants mentioning it.

Second overall, at 34.9 percent, was a candidate's leadership and experience while "concern for people like you" was third at 22.3 percent.

"Support for the war in Iraq" was fifth (18.8 percent) followed by opposition to U.S. President George Bush (18.1 percent) and support for the president (12.4).

Party allegiance -- mentioned by 4.2 percent -- was 10th.

The poll, conducted Oct. 20-23, has a 1.1-percentage-point margin of error.

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