Coalition Forces Kill Terrorist, Detain 17

Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 17 in operations across Iraq this week.

In raids in Iraq today:

-- In Karabilah, coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained two suspected terrorists while targeting a foreign fighter cell.

-- Coalition forces North of Tarmiyah detained two suspected terrorists reportedly associated with an al Qaida foreign fighter network.

-- Three individuals with suspected ties to a car bomb cell operating near Karmah were captured.

-- During a raid in Ramadi, coalition forces detained six individuals with suspected ties to al Qaida.

-- Two suspects with reported ties to car bomb operations were detained in Baghdad.

-- Coalition forces north of Tikrit captured a suspected al Qaida regional leader and another suspect with foreign fighter affiliations.

Also this week in Iraq, coalition forces used guided munitions to stop an insurgent attack northwest of Khalidiyah yesterday. When coalition forces were attacked with a rocket-propelled grenade and a heavy volume of small-arms fire, the troops used guided munitions against the attackers, who were hiding in two buildings. The guided munitions destroyed both buildings and ended the attack.

In Ramadi on Feb. 3, members of the Albu Obaid Iraqi police station discovered one of the largest weapons cache in the past year while patrolling. The cache consisted of over 300 82 mm mortar rounds, three 152 mm artillery rounds, two bags of homemade explosives, two Katyusha 107 mm rockets, a spool of copper wire used for detonating improvised explosive devices, and other smaller caliber ammunition.

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