Operation Baghdad Has Begun

According to Iraq The Model, Operation Baghdad started a few minutes after the 9:00 PM curfew. There was breaking news from al-Hurra and al-Jazeera that Baghdad's security operation had just started.

According to those news agencies, the first operation is currently underway in Azamiyah in the northeatern part of the city.

But according to the authors of Iraq The Model it looks quiet there at the moment. They do however see an increase in activity in the skies by US fighter jets patroling the northern part of Baghdad.

They reportedly are only a few kilometers from Azamiyah so they will certainly witness any action there and will keep us posted.


From Radio Sawa:

A joint US and Iraqi force stormed al-Azamiyah neighborhood in Baghdad in what an American military official described as the start for the awaited security operation in Baghdad.

Major Robbie Park said 2,000 US soldiers are working side by side with soldiers from the 1st and 9th divisions of the Iraqi army…The troops searched dozens of homes in and around Azamiyah and confiscated large amounts of weapons.

But an assistant to PM Maliki denied that this was the start of the new security operation, saying that this is a limited operation (the government ordered) after receiving information that insurgents are hiding in the neighborhood.


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