"24" Actor : "I can't handle Living in America anymore"

According to WorldNet Daily, James Cromwell, who plays Jack Bauer's father on "24", told the London Telegraph that he can't stand living in America anymore.

Cromwell told the London Telegraph:

"I can't handle living in the United States of America when I know the last two elections were rigged, and that we were denied our right to vote, where we live in a country where 32 percent of the people vote and even those people's votes don't count, and the people who should really have a stake, kids, don't have any say at all, people of color, very little to say, unions, practically nothing any more, we're losing our jobs."

Mr. Cromwell touts the liberal left mantra as evidenced by his statement above. There is no evidence that the last two elections were rigged, or evidence that anyone was DENIED their right to vote. The fact that only 32 percent of the people vote attests to what America is all about, if you wish to vote you do, if you don't, you stay home.

Kids don't have any say ? So is he suggesting that we allow 5 year olds to vote ? People of color have very little to say ? Then why are both parties always looking for their vote ?

Unions ? I am not even going to begin on that one. If he had his way Unions would probably be running the country.

"We're losing our jobs", apparently Mr. Cromwell does not keep up on current events, unemployment is at an all time low, but don't let that fact get in the way, after all he is on a roll.

I don't see Mr. Cromwell starving or unemployed, as a matter of fact I'm sure he makes a fat salary as Jack Bauer's father and other various roles he's played over the years, making a nice living here in the good ol' USA.

So what about it, James ? How can someone who can't stand to live in America, play in a series such as "24" which has been criticised as putting Muslims in a bad light.

Here's his answer, folks:

"I am on the horns of a dilemma, I can walk away if I think it's really bad," Cromwell explains. "It's hard to explain. It's a job."

In other words, I am making big money here in the country I can't handle anymore.

Hey James, If you don't like it here, I have six words for you:

"Delta is ready when you are !"

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Jack's Shack said...

Stick him on a plane and ship him out. I am sure that there are plenty of fine places that he can live outside of the US.

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