Fred Thompson Not Registered To Vote ?

According to the State Democrats cannot find any record of former Senator Fred Thompson being registered to vote in Tennessee.

Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Gray Sasser said,

"As Sen. Thompson considers whether or not he should run for president, he also should consider whether or not he should register to vote in Tennessee.

"While we do not normally make it a practice to recruit more Republican voters to Tennessee, we would welcome Senator Thompson rejoining the roles of registered voters in the Volunteer State."

He added:
"After reviewing the state's voter file and consulting with state officials, it does not appear that Fred Dalton Thompson is a registered voter in the state of Tennessee.

"I hope that Sen. Thompson will clear up any ambiguity and let us know whether he is registered in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, Hollywood, California or somewhere else."

Chris Devaney, executive director of the Tennessee Republican Party, responded:

"The Democrat Party is obviously nervous about a Fred Thompson run for the presidency or they wouldn't be putting out such desperate releases. They know if Fred Thompson runs, the Democrats are in trouble."

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