An Email From A Haditha Marine's Father


The Sharratt family and I thank you for broadcasting the story of Our Haditha Marines. Time magazine, the MSM and Congressman Murtha have brainwashed the American public with false accounts of Haditha. Through the efforts of small-town newspapers, bloggers, Kit Jarrell and you, I have been trying to unmask the un-truths published about Haditha.

I have seen the NCIS statements and testimony concerning Haditha and when the truth finally comes out, the MSM and back-stabbing politicians will have to answer for their lies.

JR, I could talk for hours about the truth, but when I respond to Haditha I use 2 articles already published by others. I would like to share these points with you. I hope you feel I am not preaching, just revealing the truth:

The Wash Post on Jan 6, 2007 published the article by Josh White entitled 'Death in Haditha'. Josh White purports to have the NCIS investigative report covering 13,000 pages and writes in his article "according to eyewitness accounts that are part of a lengthy investigative report obtained by the Washington Post. In this article he does reveal key points to show Haditha was a firefight and the "the Marines concurred that they were under fire from all sides." Excerpts from his article testify that Navy Corspman Brian Whitt 'said he could see bullet impacts near his feet and noticed men with rifles disappearing from atop a house to the north. Some of the fire appeared to be coming from behind the white taxi.' Whitt returned fire with an M-16 to protect himself before he could reach the wounded Marines at the IED site. "Cpl Hector Salinas spotted a man firing at the squad from the corner of a house on the south side of the road" Minutes later, a Quick Reaction
Force(QRF) arrived from the Marine base, bringing Lt. William Kallop, the first officer on the scene. Kallop told the investigators 'he began to receive enemy fire almost immediately.' JR, I feel the strongest testimony comes from a IA Sgt named Asad Amer Mashoot. In his sworn testimony, he said "he thought the attack on the houses was warranted because the entire convoy was taking fire." Investigators noted that he believed the Marines "had justification" because they were "defending themselves." This should have been the headline describing the Haditha engagement--Iraqi Sgt says Marines were justified........ Strong evidence the Haditha Marines were in a firefight and not a massacre. JR, I assure you even stronger evidence will come out in the Articles 32's.

The MSM and talk shows keep assigning the number 24 as to the purported civilian deaths in Haditha. In a 19 page article by Andrew Walden entitled "Haditha: reasonable Doubt" written statements by Marine intelligence officers show this number to be false. Major Dana Hyatt "said he was told by his superiors to compensate the relatives of 15 victims, but was told the rest of those killed had been deemed to have committed hostile acts." " The list of 15 victims deemed to be noncombatants was put together by intelligence personnel attached to the batallion", Major Hyatt said. The Marine Corps has identified 9 of the bodies from Haditha to be combatants- wonder how many in the 15 could be classified as such also? The 24 bodies were transported to FOB Sparta after the engagement. The Marines photograped, fingerprinted and identified the bodies. The Marines know who were terrorists. Somehow the MSM doesn't want to do the math or report the TRUTH.

JR, I have written countless articles and spoken to thousands in an effort to get the truth told. As I said I am using evidence already in publication to counter the MSM lies. Hannity & Colmes, Bill O'Reilly, Oliver North and other MSM outlets do not want to hear the truth. They refuse my requests to appear on their shows. Through the efforts of Americans like you the truth will be told. The prayers and support from caring Americans like you has kept me strong in my quest to exonerate Our Haditha Marines. They could, when we couldn't-they did, when we didn't they have earned the right for the truth to be told. I will not rest till they are all exonerated. Sharratt, Tatum, Wuterich, DelaCruz, Chessani, Stone, Grayson and McConnell, please ask your listeners to pray for them and support them. It will make you proud.

JR, I again thank you for your support and if you need further info, please feel free to ask. I will not rest till these men are vindicated.


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Thanks For Listening -- Jay Are

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lolz, showz how unprofessional the US marines are. They seem to think they have all the quote "Latest Technology" to fight in a war.

i would like, love 2 see how that turns out in the next 10,000 years! but ill be dead by then, i will be looking down. The US will meet someone beyond their primative teknologies ^.^ There are others out there in galaxy that have been monitoring us and probably making decision on whether 2 eliminate us.

you thinks you good in the iraq war, i will die 2 see when you people decide 2 piss someone or something off with advance technology 2 break physics ^.^

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