U.S. Can Defeat Iran's Russian Air Defenses

According To A Report in the Geostrategy-Direct.com:

The U.S. Air Force could overwhelm the Russian-origin air defense umbrella in Iran.

Russian generals said the U.S. Air Force would sustain losses by Iranian surface-to-air missile systems, but added America would eventually destroy the systems and achieve air supremacy.

"Today's situation is such that the attacking side [the United States] has more modern and powerful weapons and enjoys supremacy in quantity, compared to Iran's defenses," said Gen. Sergei Razygrayev, chief of staff of Moscow's air defense network. "They [Americans] will be able to create such a quantitative supremacy that they will accomplish the set task, although they will also suffer losses."

At a news conference on April 5, Razygrayev said Russian military analysts have been seeking to determine the extent of U.S. air power against Iran by studying the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. The general said the U.S. would likely destroy Iran's radar systems with cruise missiles.

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