J.R.'s Letter to Senator (the traitor) Reid

Dear Senator Reid,

Your recent statement that you believe the Iraq War is lost and the surge isn't accomplishing anything was very irresponsible. Do you not realize that our enemies are listening to your remarks ? Do you not realize that our brave men and women fighting in the war on terror are listening to your remarks ?

If we had the attitude that you and some of your colleagues have about the present war on terror, during World War Two, we would probably be speaking German or Japanese at this time.

While as an American citizen you certainly have the right to voice your opinion, ( a right secured for you by the brave men and women who fight for this country) a person of your position should be more careful with your public comments about the Iraq Theater Campaign in the War on Terror.

When you make statements such as you did the other day, you embolden our enemies, (I read about your remarks from an Iranian News Agency while surfing the web)you affect the morale of the brave men and women who are fighting this war and their families as well. All for a political agenda to appease the Anti-American groups who voted for your party.

Have some respect for our troops who are fighting valiantly to keep America safe and their families who await their return. Stop pandering to Anti-American crowd at the expense of our troops and to the delight of our enemies.

Senator Reid, some of the men in my department are or have been deployed in Iraq, some of the residents of my town are or were as well. In speaking with them as well as speaking with many members of the military via phone and email on my blog and talk show, they do not present the attitude you do. They are overwhelmingly positive and upbeat about the mission and believe we are making progress there, it is not and will not be easy, they say, but we are getting the job done.

One thing they do tell me, Senator, is that they are disheartend by the attitude of the Main Stream News Media and some of the politicians here at home who seem to be hell bent on trying to lose this war.

I'll close by telling you how appalled I was to read your comments on an Iranian News site. How disgusted I was to be hearing that these remarks were made by a U.S. Senator in a time of war. It is a sad day in America when we see that our own politicians who voted to send these brave soldiers into battle, are now turning their backs on them.

Shame on all of you who have done so.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jay Are

Talk Show America 4/20/2007

Thanks for Listening -- Jay Are


Thomas Pedersen said...

I have sent an email to Senator Reid and I let him know how unthinkable it is for a US Senator to be making such comments during a time of war with US troops fighting overseas. Anybody that reads this comment please go to the link that JR has set up and let Senator Reid know how you feel. I am not from his State but I hope that man is voted out of office when his time is up.
This comment is from an Airmans Father who has two sons in the Air Force. One is in Iraq now and the other is due for rotation later this year.

Raging Republican said...

Great Post


Raging Republican

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