Veterans Group Calls for Email Campaign Against Reid

From: Veterans For America

Date: 04/19/07 16:48:52

Subject: Nevada Sen. Harry Reid says "the war is lost"...

Dear Fellow Veterans,

Today, as a result of Nevada U.S. Senator Harry Reid's comments saying "the
war is lost," an outcry from fellow Veterans all across America has now

Veterans for America's work now turns to the removal of Sen. Harry Reid from
the U.S. Senate when he runs for reelection in 2008 .

We will begin starting an email campaign reminding Sen. Reid that he has
undermined our brave Military men and women's efforts in the Global War on
Terror. He has also further emboldened our sworn enemies with his comments.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Veterans for America.


Veterans for America

1025 Vermont Ave NW 7th Floor

Washington, DC 20005


Patriots, stand up ! E-mail Reid !

Talk Show America 4/20/2007

Thanks for Listening -- Jay Are

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