Networks Minimize Good News From Iraq

One year ago, the main stream news media depicted the "Surge" in Iraq as a certain failure.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews said on January 10, 2007:

"A lot of people are going to go to bed tonight terrified,"

NBC's Jim Miklaszewski said on the January 8, 2007 Nightly News:

"Many experts warn, it's too little, too late,"
The next morning on NBC's Today, the network's graphic describing Iraq was:
"Lost Cause?"

NBC's Tim Russert hinted that the main stream news media was not interested in covering a successful U.S. mission in Iraq, telling anchor Brian Williams:
"with the surge in Iraq and the level of American deaths declining, it is off the front pages."

Is a lack of successful "Surge" coverage a huge favor to the Democrats ? After all, the lack of coverage of the success leaves the Democrats with not having to explain their opposition to the successful "Surge".

One has to wonder if the "Surge" was not successful, would John McCain have been given a pass by the main stream news media or would he have been deluged with criticism for his support of the "Surge"?

I think most know the answer to that question.

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