Why Barack Obama Should Not Be President


A premature withdrawal from Iraq, giving al Qaeda a huge victory and giving terrorists a base from which to attack America, Europe, and Israel. An end to developing a missile defense system to protect us from missile attack, and "deep cuts in our nuclear arsenal." Cutting billions of dollars in programs needed to modernize our Army so it remains the most powerful force on earth.

This is Senator Barack Obama's plan for a national "defense" in his own words:

We've seen drastic reductions in our military capabilities from liberal administrations before, with disastrous results. In 1996, defense spending in America was fully 40% lower than in 1985 under Ronald Reagan. These cuts led to a loss of air and sea lift capability, reduced research and development in new technologies, and the delay or cancellation of critical modernization programs. As a result, when America was attacked in 2001, former Reagan Administration Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger said that defense cuts had been so severe that our capability to fight the War on Terror had been greatly diminished. We are still paying the price for that "holiday from history."

At a time when we face increasingly hostile rogue nations like Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, which are actively seeking or supporting those who seek nuclear weapons to threaten the United States and its allies, it makes no sense to pursue a policy of disarmament. We must maintain a strong nuclear deterrent, including a robust arsenal and defense shield, and modernize our military to protect America.

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