Senior Cruise Ship Passangers Defeat Somali Pirate Attack

You absolutely have to love this story that came out of the Daily Mail Online.

Apparently some elderly British passengers helped stave off a Somali Pirate attack on their cruise ship.

The passangers were enjoying a midnight concert onboard the MSC Melody when pirates armed with rifles attempted to board it using grappling hooks and ladders.

But instead of panicking and running away, many of the elderly passangers began throwing deck chairs and tables at the Pirates who were attempting to board, forcing the Pirates to retreat back to their boat.

The ship's captain ordered security guards to fire two warning shots to scare off the attackers. ( Warning Shots ?)

Anyway, imagine these pirates have to go back to base knowing that they were defeated by the Geritol gang, how will they ever live it down. They have been disgraced.

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