Video of Waterboarding Technique

This is a Playboy Channel Original Video of water boarding being applied to a "Lab Rat" volunteer journalist.

He experienced this interrogation technique and did a great job of explaining his reactions.

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xfileresearcher said...

The problem is that our enemies are going to do unspeakably inhumane things to our troops if they are captured regardless of how we treat terror suspects. There are no captured coalition troops known to be alive in Iraq or Afghanistan . Yet the media won't cover the events.
Waterboarding and other forms of discomfort are not bad enough for terrorists guilty of atrocities that disqualify them of being "prisoners of war". In any other war they would have been executed. Instead, some lame-brains want to bring them to the U.S. and pension them for life.
April 29, 2009
In my humble opinion, the terrorist in Iraq and elsewhere have NO civil rights, no rights under the Geneva Conventions, etc. They do not recognize any civil rights, the Geneva Conventions, or any other rules of land warfare, common decency, or anything else.
They hide among the civilian population while conducting war from ambush. They place missile launchers, etc. adjacent to or on top of schools, hospitals, and apartments and if civilians are killed or injured fighting them, the propaganda machine of the Arab states goes into high gear about how the nasty Americans, etc. are killing and wounding "innocent" civilians.
For some reason, when Al-Qaida, Hamas, the Taliban, etc. massacre civilians (which is every day) nothing is said about these victims being "innocent". And, they use mosques for ammo dumps, headquarters for their operations, and to recruit more terrorist to kill not only our people but innocent civilians to try and stop any development of the country toward a democratic form of government.
My own "take" on the Abu Ghraib prison situation, etc. is that what we saw was humiliation, NOT torture. Torture is removing fingernails and toenails, applying electric current to the genitals, ears, etc., and other tactics to learn information. It's a sad day when out troops are forced to fight an enemy like nothing they have ever faced, plus having to deal with the political correctness of the leftist.
--Mel Young, Westminster , CA

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