Internet Responds To CNN With More Videos of Trump Destroying CNN..LOL !

When CNN decided to seek out the Reddit user responsible for the hilarious President Donald Trump vs CNN wrestling meme video, the network unintentionally put a target on its own from the whole of the internet.

This new meme video show 60 seconds of Trump beating CNN in various ways… let’s see if CNN is going to track this user down as well.

Now, after being harshly criticized for creating a witch hunt to find the Reddit user, CNN unwittingly opened up a can of worms on the internet.

Someone else decided to show the network how infantile and childish it acted by releasing a 60-second clip showing a photoshopped Donald Trump beating a photoshopped CNN in various situations.

The tweet was sent from YouTube personality Mike Cernovich’s official account with the caption:

“CNN tracked down the creator of the Trump wrestling meme and threatened him. This is how the internet is responding.”

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