PBS Poll: More Americans Trust Trump Than Media or Congress

Monday's PBS NewsHour spotlighted the low trust in the news media, according to the results of their latest poll. Only 30 percent of those surveyed by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist trust the press "a good deal" or "a great amount.

" The Trump administration scored seven points better in the same poll. Guest Stuart Rothenberg bemoaned the "horrible trend" towards distrust of the media over the past several decades. NPR's Tamara Keith underlined that "these numbers are part of a very long trend of institutions losing trust from the American people; and that...puts America at risk."

"One of the things we looked at was...[the] high distrust of the news media!"

Read More Here: http://blabber.buzz/politics/conservative-news/180534-pbs-poll-more-americans-trust-trump-than-the-media-039horrible-trend039

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