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THE TALK SHOW AMERICAN: Bombshell Report: Obama's DOJ Shielded Hillary From Prosecution

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bombshell Report: Obama's DOJ Shielded Hillary From Prosecution

A new report from The Epoch Times is shedding new light on the scandal. The report claims that it wasn’t just the FBI that tried to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

According to the report, the Obama DOJ apparently told the Bureau that it wouldn’t prosecute Clinton, even before all the facts had emerged.

“The Justice Department (DOJ), under then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, decided to set an unusually high threshold for prosecution of Clinton, effectively ensuring from the outset that she would not be charged,” Epoch Times explained, citing congressional testimony that it said had previously not been publicized.

“In order for Clinton to be prosecuted, the DOJ required the FBI to establish evidence of intent—even though the gross negligence statute explicitly does not require this,” the report continued.

“Intent is a requirement of several statutes the FBI was looking into. But intent is specifically not a factor under the charge of gross negligence — contained within 18 U.S. Code § 793(f),” Epoch Times explained.

“Notably, Comey had been convinced to remove the term ‘gross negligence’ to describe Clinton’s actions from his prepared statement by, among others, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, FBI agent Peter Strzok, senior legal counsel Trisha Anderson, and FBI analyst Jonathan Moffa,” the report explained.

As the Epoch Times reported, a portion of FBI Lawyer, Lisa Page's testimony in front of Rep. John Ratcliffe, appears to verify that Page and the FBI received marching orders from Obama’s DOJ to stop investigating Clinton, because the DOJ would not prosecute her.

“(Y)ou’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to —” began Ratcliffe.
“That is correct,” Page replied.
“— bring a case based on that,” finished the congressman.

“So there was no review as to whether there was negligence in this case?” House Majority Counsel Ryan Breitenbach asked during testimony.

“It was legally irrelevant because the Department of Justice would not have brought a prosecution in a circumstance in which there was simply negligence,” admitted Trisha Anderson, a top lawyer for the FBI.

The conclusion here seems to indicate that neither the Obama DOJ under Loretta Lynch's leadership, nor the FBI under James Comey's leadership were interested in pursuing even the lightest of charges against Hillary Clinton in Emailgate.

One wonders if the roles were reversed and it was a republican candidate who served government before pursuing the Presidency and had done the same, if they would have been treated so leniently. I think we all know the answer to that one !

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